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Warehouse address: Units 5-6, 9 Frost Rd, CAMPBELLTOWN, NSW  AUSTRALIA  2560

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NB: Since Covid began shipping schedules have caused lead times for custom items to blow out to 8-14 weeks.

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It has come to our attention there are certain suppliers putting forward Type O (Orthophthalic or O-series) resin GRATING etc as suitable for outdoor applications - NB: TYPE O RESIN IS NOT SUITABLE FOR OUTDOOR APPLICATIONS: It is most definitely NOT recommended by Envirowalk for outdoors as it simply does not have anywhere near the longevity of Type I resin when subjected to UV and other weather elements.

Type O is also known as 'O-Series', 'Ortho' or 'Orthophthalic' while Type I is also known as 'I-Series', 'ISO' or 'Isophthalic'

  1. Envirowalk Mini-Mesh and Micro Mesh panels are manufactured using only the following raw materials:

  2. Premium grade pure ISO resin (No blended lower quality resins). : eg. Type O or even a Type O blended with Type ISO resin should not be used in outdoor environments).

  3. Aluminium Hydroxide (ATH) fillers (No Calcium Carbonate [ClCa])

  4. 10g UV9 inhibitor as opposed to the regular 3g;

  5. Best quality E-Glass Rovings

  6. Bonded #6 fine grit anti-slip surface (As opposed to the inferior embedded grit.)


  8. All the above ingredients are essential for the best quality FRP panels.

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All Products manufactured according to stringent international manufacturing codes: ISO 9001-2008, ABS, ASTM

NB: All Grating manufactured to Industrial standards NOT architectural.

ANTI-SLIP RATING: Envirowalk grit surface grating has a rating of R13 for wet/oil ramp and P5 for Wet Pendulum.

PDF copies of Test Certificates are available on request.

FIRE RATING: FRP Grating has an international ASTM-E 84 rating as non-combustible with a flame and smoke spread level of significantly less than 25. International research data can be provide on request.

Unfortunately, demand in Australia for a BAL rating has, so far, been far too low to make it viable to outlay the significant cost for tests: (Estimated costs = $25k+)

 SAFE OPERATING TEMPERATURES:     For Isophthalic & Vinylester resins -40C to + 110C


1. We will never sacrifice quality or safety for price! - Our reputation is too valuable!  If your priority is to deal only with the factory that gives you the best price, quality will often be the first casualty!!

2. We have, by far, the best service: We combine a consultative approach with excellent, prompt service, and we will always recommend the most economical and appropriate materials to suit the project - even though it may result in a lower overall order value for the company. The vast bulk of Envirowalk business stems from Word-of-mouth advertising!

3.  We are a SPECIALIST SUPPLIER of FRP products - With only FRP products to rely upon for our existence our attention is 100% devoted to monitoring product quality and development ONLY in all things FRP. To this end we also maintain our own independent QA to attend the factory to make random checks on quality and packaging.



Walkways in Parks & Reserves -Service Walkways - Disability Access Ramps - Rooftop access walkways - Conveyor walkways - Stairs - Work Platforms - Pontoons - Jetties - Gangways - Bridges - Decking - Pit Covers - Ramps - Screens - Safety Products.

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  CASE STUDY    Minnamurra Rainforest


At last FRP grating is achieving greater popularity in Australia as an economical, aesthetically pleasing, safe and comfortable surface for walkways and platforms. The FRP Mini-Mesh Grating in particular is rapidly increasing in popularity as a walkway surface in our National Parks and other eco-sensitive reserves such as the Minnamurra Rainforest near Wollongong.

(Most construction & installation work at Minnamurra Rainforest is performed by S.A. & L.E. Graham, Manufacturers of JEKAMS Equipment, Wagga Wagga NSW.)

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 Sea Acres (Below) and Pedestrian bridge (Right) in Port Macquarie are classic examples of FRP Mesh used in Rainforest and coastal environments.



EnviroTread  EnviroTread  EnviroTread  SCENIC WALKWAYS EnviroTread  EnviroTread  EnviroTread

New scenic walkway along Lake St in beautiful Merimbula, NSW as part of the 2020 Bushfire recovery program.

Walkway constructed by highly professional walkway specialist:

(NB: Now based in Wodonga region, Vic.)



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Jetties on the beautiful Central Coast as constructed by Central Coast Jetties: Contact: Greg Hillard 0438 608 559

These are just a few of the outstanding jetties constructed by Central Coast Jetties using Envirowalk 30mm thick Mini-Mesh. Greg's customers have expressed great satisfaction and he is in great demand as a result of word-of-mouth advertising.



A Jetty in beautiful Port Macquarie: Light Grey Mini-Mesh secured with M12 Cup Head  Bolts  EnviroTread  EnviroTread 




Envirowalk supplies Mini-Mesh to numerous customers building ramps for the disabled - Most operate under NSW Home Modifications Services. Please contact us to discuss the builders nearest your location.

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Sydney Water Desalination Facility, Kurnell, NSW.

FRP FIBREGLASS GRATING: While this amazing product has been around for many years it has been relatively ignored in Australia as a walkway Grating.  Throughout the world it has been used successfully for decades as an ideal surface for platforms and walkways in Nature Reserves, Oil Rigs, Power stations, Water Treatment Plants, Marinas, Chemical Plants and many other applications.  Bund area Grating and FRP H-Beam supports supplied & installed by Envirowalk.




Cronulla STP, NSW

Heavy Duty Covers and open Pultruded Grating supplied by Envirowalk for use in Sewerage Treatment Facilities. Type VE (Vinylester) resin is used for these highly corrosive environments.

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At right, work platform using FRP Mini-Mesh grating at De Bortoli Wines, Griffith, NSW . (Another valued Envirowalk Customer)


At far right FRP Grating provides greater productivity through worker comfort as well as highest level of slip resistance in wet/oily environments.



EnviroTread  EnviroTread ACCESS BRIDGES EnviroTread  EnviroTread

At right 6 metre Access Bridge for a creek crossing located at the Kurnell Desalination Project site in Sydney, NSW. This was designed, constructed and installed by Envirowalk as a prefabricated demountable bridge.

Far right: Beach access in Coffs Harbour. Colour is Sand Yellow.

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Envirowalk Pty Ltd   ABN: 29 141844671
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NSW   2502
Phone:      61 (0)2 42 741 563  or  61 (0)2 42 749 888
Mobile:     Lee: 0412 534 204    Grahame: 0407 778 940
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Direct initial enquiries to:  envirowalk@optusnet.com.au
NB:  Envirowalk supplies direct throughout Australia from our Campbelltown and Wollongong locations.
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